Current Clients


Continuum Ag

Continuum Ag is a soil health consulting company based in Washington, Iowa. They are looking to keep their social media presence consistent while building brand awareness and generating leads. Apart from social media, we are also running Facebook Ad campaigns and an email marketing campaign. 

Piñons Restaurant

Piñons Restaurant has been a fine dining destination in Aspen for over 30 years. They have never put much effort into digital marketing and felt it was time to create an online presence. JL Digital Marketing helped them build their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. We also shot high-quality photos of signature dishes and cocktails. 

Colorado Activity Centers –

Colorado Activity Centers has a ton of clients throughout Colorado. From hotels to rafting outfitters, CAC is well-established and connected within the tourism industry. We’re building a giveaway program that entails working with DMO’s across the state to build enticing ‘vacation’ packages. CAC will promote each getaway through their social media and dedicated landing page. These campaigns will benefit both CAC and the selected partners. 

Roaring Fork Wellness Clinic

Naturopathic Doctor, Casey Bowen, has just opened a brand new practice in downtown Glenwood Springs, Colorado. We’re working with Casey to build a blog strategy in order to help locals understand the practice of naturopathy. We are also running Facebook Ad campaigns to hyper-target those in surrounding areas who may be interested in consulting Casey. 

Angel of Hope Mosaic Project

The Angel of Hope Mosaic Project is an art piece currently in progress. This piece will be a free-standing 9-foot by 13-foot outdoor mosaic that integrates over 400 smaller mosaics into a scene depicting an Angel in a landscape of mountains. It will be located along the sidewalk near St. Stephen’s Church across and visible from Valley View Hospital and Calaway/Young Cancer Center in Glenwood Springs. JL Digital Marketing has helped to spruce up Angel of Hope’s website, email marketing and social media strategies. 


Zylem CC was established in 1991 by Justin Platt to provide agricultural technical services, mostly in crop production. Until now, they’ve had an inconsistent presence on social media. We’ve created a blog program for Zylem and are running their social media to increase traffic to their website and ultimately drive business!